GSoC Final report - Part 3: Summary

I can’t believe the three months are already over, the time flies when you’re having fun. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tackle everything I had planned - the rendering in Okular and Gwenview was much complexer than I anticipated. Once again, it needs much more time to modify existing code than to... [Read More]
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GSoC Final report - Part 2: Gwenview

Current status Getting there! A first revision of my patch is up on phabricator, which works for raster graphics. Your holiday pictures should now open in all their details and no longer be a blurry mess! Left: HiDPI-scaling enabled version; Right: Non-HiDPI rendering. Look at the tree branches. What’s left... [Read More]
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GSoC Final report - Part 1: Okular

This is the first post of a 3-part series where I will go into technical details of my summer of code project. I will give a high-level overview about the current state of my written code, show you what’s supposed to work and how you can try that; and what... [Read More]
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GSoC Status report - HiDPI Howto

I’ve something special planned for this blog post: This time, I will not only describe what I did in the last weeks, but I will go into some detail how I did it. This blog post is the first one of a two-part-series where I demonstrate my work with practical... [Read More]
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Akademy 2017.. and 2018!

Quick stop in Malaga, before getting on a bus to Almería As a Summer of Code student, I used the opportunity to meet my mentor David and many other members of the community at this years annual Akademy conference in Almería. This was the first year I attended, so I... [Read More]
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I'm going to Akademy

As briefly mentioned in my last blog post, I will attend this years Akademy conference in Almería. Are there other KDE GSoC students that also will be going there? If yes, it would be great if we could organize some kind of get-together to exchange experiences and socialize. What do... [Read More]
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GSoC Status report - Okular

In this post, I want to show you what I did during my first two weeks of the Google Summer of Code. Okular before adding support for HiDPI As you can see in the screenshot, Okular unfortunately is one of the applications that still has rendering problems on HiDPI screens.... [Read More]
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Do you know of any HiDPI issues?

Help me to help you

In my proposal I have linked to a few rendering issues on HiDPI screens, and presented an initial timeline how I plan to fix them. But I can still shift my proprities, depending on your input! Do you have any rendering problems with KDE applications on a HiDPI screen? Tell... [Read More]
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Making Hi-DPI awesome

Hello GSoC!

As already introduced by Valorie my proposal was also selected for this years summer of code! :tropical_drink::cocktail::beers::tada::confetti_ball: Okay, before celebrating too much prematurely, I should better get started with coding. So what will I work on during the next 3 months? Not so long ago, I decided to treat myself... [Read More]
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