I can’t believe the three months are already over, the time flies when you’re having fun.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t tackle everything I had planned - the rendering in Okular and Gwenview was much complexer than I anticipated. Once again, it needs much more time to modify existing code than to write new one.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this challenge and hope the code for Okular will be merged in the next days and can therefore be in the next release - making HiDPI a more pleasant experience for the whole KDE community.

I also have to say this community is great, and I can highly recommend it for future students - you will certainly make many friends here. There are so many people trying to help you and making sure you have a good time. You’ll be challenged, but there is much to learn.

And go to Akademy - there will not only be many interesting talks, but you’ll also get to know your mentor and have great fun there (and it will be in Vienna next year :wink:).

So a huge thanks to my mentor, David Edmundson, to Valorie, for guiding us along the way, to the reviewers of my patches, and to anyone else who helped in the last months.

I definitely want to stay a KDE contributor and continue with the patches, also after my GSoC period is over. For the next few weeks however, I will be traveling without access to the internet. See you in a month!