As already introduced by Valorie my proposal was also selected for this years summer of code! :tropical_drink::cocktail::beers::tada::confetti_ball:

Okay, before celebrating too much prematurely, I should better get started with coding. So what will I work on during the next 3 months?

Not so long ago, I decided to treat myself with a brand-new 4K monitor - just to improve my productiveness of course. Thanks to many dedicated people the situation was not that bad. Of course, here and there were some quirks, but that’s what you get for living on the bleeding edge, right?

To my horror it happened that I stumbled upon competing desktop environments (it happened by accident, I swear!) and noticed that the situation there was even a bit better. There were no blurred images when opening my last holiday pictures in my favorite image viewer, not even unreadable documents when I’ve quickly have to proofread my paper after nearly missing a deadline!

So, I asked myself, why can’t we have all the nice things too? Well, first of all, because suitable HiDPI support in Qt landed just fairly recently. Secondly, not everyone owns a high-res screen yet (unfortunately!) and therefore might not even be aware of some rendering issues. And thirdly, getting HiDPI rendering correct can be hard (except for the times when it’s really easy).

I thought about it and decided that it would be best if the remaining issues would be fixed in a coordinated approach. This way, I can build up enough knowledge about the current HiDPI situation, which I then apply to different applications - details about that can be found in my application here.

And hurray! - this proposal really got selected. And what’s even better - it will be mentored by David Edmundson, the guy that’s already worked on HiDPI support for Plasma and other projects for years.

I’m really looking forward to the next few months and promise to keep you updated with regular blog posts!