Reacting to events in the Tangle

This project, developed in Python, utilizes the IOTA MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging) module to publish encrypted actions on the Tangle. In this PoC, it is an action to unlock a door.

Use cases

An example for this could be some mailman, who wants to unlock your front door to deliver mail. Or an AirBnB host, who temporarily grants a guest access to his home. Or just a friend, who you otherwise would give a physical key.

For this, you could expose your Home Assistant server to the internet, but this comes with its own risks. Combining Home Assistant with IOTA elegantly solves this, eliminating all security concerns.

Your mailman, guest, or friend would have to publish this “open door” action on the Tangle, digitally signed so you could afterwards undeniably prove the open door was a direct result of this message. The message also has to be encrypted, so no one else can find out when guests come to your apartment — or when it is unoccupied.

Used technologies:

Python Home-Assistant IOTA

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