A user interface for a custom-made smart mirror, designed in a modular and extensible way via QML, and has plugins for

  • a clock
  • weather
  • public transportation
  • smart home control via Home Assistant
  • a PIR sensor for presence detection
  • a camera for face recognition
  • randomly generated fortune cookies
  • serial control of the attached LCD screen
  • Google Assistant
  • OralB toothbrushes

Used hardware

  • UDOO X86 (Intel x86 CPU & Arduino™ 101-Compatible)
  • HDMI LCD Controller Board & 1920x1200 LCD Screen
  • IR touch screen, 16:10 aspect ratio, 19 inch IR touch frame, 2 touch points, without glass
  • Pilkington Mirropane Chrome Spy

The UDOO X86 board also contains a on-board Arduino chipset, which was programmed to interact with the LCD controller after commands from the serial interface (the code is available here).


I gave presentations about technical aspects of this at Akademy 2018 and PyDays.

Used technologies:

Python Qt QML Arduino

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