Cryptrack is a personal project with the aim to track a cryptocurrency portfolio.

The screenshots are showing a staging environment, populated only with demo data.


The backend was implemented in Python with the Django framework, the frontend in TypeScrypt with the Angular web framework.

It provides an automated, scheduled synchronization with various crypto wallets, exchanges, and a data import from CSV files. - all backed by a distributed Celery Task Queue.


Backend and frontend are deployed via separate Gitlab pipelines. The GitLab CI configuration is based on Auto-DevOps, and a custom Helm chart, which creates Kubernetes Deployments for the application, the celery workers, and flower, and Stateful Sets for the PostgreSQL and Redis databases, and RabbitMQ.

This was tested on both an AWS EKS-based Kubernetes cluster - created via Terraform -, as well as a self-managed kubeadm cluster - managed by Puppet.

Used technologies:

Python Django Angular Celery Task Queue Gitlab CI/CD Kubernetes Helm Terraform